The heart of India's eternal art of weaving, Bananas, is a treasure trove of some of the finest silk in the world. Silk weavers within the community acquire variations of weave and art form as a family heirloom. Among these, the most celebrated and revered is the satin weave.

Dating back to 370 BC, the artisans relish the glory of the legend about this woven fabric that once covered the Buddha's body. The weft and warp laden with 5 shades of white, created the finely woven texture it is reputed for, even today. The grandeur of satin silk progressively enhanced with Persian, Mughal and other western influences.

This collection of handmade luxury silk ties in handwoven satin weave feature classics that exuberate an eternal and contemporary appeal, yet pulsating with traditional Indian art.

Trends Aligned Silk Necktie Trends Aligned Silk Necktie
Rs 2,850.00
Midnight Moon Silk Necktie Midnight Moon Silk Necktie
Rs 2,850.00
Organic Prosperity Silk Necktie Organic Prosperity Silk Necktie
Rs 2,850.00