Mens Pocket Square

The practice of adorning mens pocket squares symbolic of elegance and style, originated in Egypt. With a linen handkerchief used at the time, it was not only a style statement but also a declaration of financial prosperity. European impressions transformed the humble linen into exquisite silk, usually dipped in a subtle perfume for fragrance. It was in Italy that the beautiful pocket square was first handcrafted in silk, exclusively for the French royalty. It has since become a versatile men’s accessory which transforms any outfit with its pop of colours. From minimalistic designs to intricate patterns, it promises limitless possibilities when accessorising. Buy silk pocket square in India, as our pocket squares, handcrafted in 100% silk and printed with the most exquisite Indian art, encase anecdotes of a mystical past within a modern day fantasy.

Two-Toned Waltz Silk Pocket Square Two-Toned Waltz Silk Pocket Square
Rs 1,470.00
Roots Reimagined Silk Pocket Square Roots Reimagined Silk Pocket Square